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  The first application that we will present to you, is a newer science that falls under an umbrella call, "Bio Medical Science"  this is a Next Generation Medical Science, and is referred to as, "Regenerative Medicine." It is with much fanfare that I bring before you,
Dr. Anthony Atala  and his team of over eighty research doctors.

Dr. Anthony Atala, M.D., is the Scientific Founder and Chairman of the Tengion Scientific Advisory Board.

  Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the William Boyce Professor and Chair of the Department of Urology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine

  Dr. Atala is also a renowned surgeon, researcher and expert on tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and stem cell biology. His work focuses on growing and expanding new human tissues and organs to repair or replace diseased tissues or organs.

  Dr. Atala is the Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the William Boyce Professor and Chair of the Department of Urology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Dr. Atala currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Tissue Engineering Society and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bladder Foundation. He has also led or served several national professional and government committees, including the National Institutes of Health Bioengineering Consortium. Dr. Atala has received numerous awards and honors, including the U.S.-Congress-funded Christopher Columbus Foundation Award, bestowed on a living American who is currently working on a discovery that will significantly affect society, and the Scientific American, Research Leader Award, for his contributions to tissue and organ regeneration.

  Dr. Atala heads a team of 80 physicians and researchers. Twenty applications of technologies developed by Dr. Atala have been used clinically. Dr. Atala serves on the Editorial Board of 8 medical journals, and is an Editor-in-Chief or Senior Editor of 6, including the journal Rejuvenation Research. He is the editor of five books, has published more than 250 journal articles or book chapters, and has applied for or received over 100 national and international patents. Lead on!   

  It is the opinion of Dr Atala that any organ that is inside the human body can be grown outside of the body. You obtain certain *genes from the host spray them unto a biodegradable scaffolding material, encourage these genes to grow, and in a matter of weeks an organ is grown and ready to transplant back into the host.

  Others may say, that has been going on for years now, true and odds are it is, Dr. Anthony Atala with his team, that are the individuals who were behind what they had heard. If someone in the early 1900's said, this one doctor had a cure for polio it had value. That is what makes this information so valuable. Read, learn, follow the links and me amazed.  Meet the rest of this medical research team just,  Click Here to View

  It was only a matter of time before the business community understood the real human need for these types of products. Americans can invent more than just V.C.R.'s.
Meet a businessman behind Dr. Atala's team of researchers;

Dr. Steven Nichtberger, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
of Tengion

This is the reason we get to work early every morning - there's a death every thirty seconds from organ failure. As I write this letter, there are 98,504 Americans¹ on the waiting list for donor organs, and if they are fortunate enough to find one, they will face a lifetime of treatment to suppress their immune systems to prevent rejection. The unmet human need is staggering and the cost to America for current treatments - there are no cures - has reached $100 billion a year according to a recent U.S. government report.²

  Tengion is a leading regenerative medicine company committed to transforming this challenging landscape with new organs and tissues made from a patient's own cells - with the potential to cure, not just treat, organ failure. Our technology harnesses the body's natural regenerative power. It may sound like the future, but the future is now. Our most advanced product candidate, the urinary Neo-Bladder is in Phase 2 clinical trials in the United States. Our robust technology platform has been deployed to grow cells successfully for thirteen other tissues and organs, including the kidney.  Click Here to View


* The genes or DNA obtained from the host are adult stem cells NOT embryonic stem cells.
There is no moral issue here. Once again, nurses knew twenty years ago that we all produce stem cells, there is no shortage of stem cells. The politicians on the right and left like to argue/debate over a mute issues. It creates the illusion that they are performing a service or earning their money. As they debate waiting for their friends to position themselves in these emerging sciences or markets we die waiting. My father told me as a child, "If bullshit was electricity, they would be power houses".
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"Dr. Anthony Atala & his Team of 80 Research Doctors"
(Recorded, March 7, 2011 Long Beach, California Duration: 17:24 min.)

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