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  End PKD Inc. is a Christian Business Model. Then it is asked, What does that mean? My problem isn't yours so, at End PKD Inc. we do not receive any funding from governmental agencies or the tax payers. All the other projects sustain, End PKD Inc. If you enjoy or find the information to be useful then help keep it a float. There is more in the, "can" than what is seen on all the sites!
Much is being done here while many other non-profits struggle to keep there doors open. Watch for future projects to unfold and many Worldwide, Thank You.

A.  Everything you see at, End PKD Inc. / was achieved by someone with
     Polycystic Kidney Disease.

B.   We do not solicit money from people that have Polycystic Kidney Disease. Here                                 your membership is FREE. Survivors of PKD pay enough in many ways.

C.   We do not receive tax money from ANY of the States.

D.   We do not receive tax money from the, United States Federal Government.

E.   We do not receive any funds from pharmaceutical companies as well. We just
    don't believe a pill will take care of this.

F.   We do not receive any Grant money. This is not FREE money, it comes from the
     hard working tax payer also and are bribes with strings attached.

G.   End PKD Inc. is a cash company, everything is paid for, nothing is owed, or

H.   End PKD Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the fact                that Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is the number one genetic life threatening disease in                 the World. It is not swept under the rug here. We are calling out!

The PKD Foundation can not make these claims, YOUR choice!

Our Founder, William B. Thorne does not draw a salary. As widely documented and reported
Dan Larson w/ PKD Foundation pulls $150,000 a year out from that non-profit.

  We are satisfied the way that End PKD Inc. / is structured and shaping up. Our bread and butter is from private and corporate donations. We don't spend funds we don't have. We believe in, "We the People" to do what is right in regards to funding and political awareness. We have not been disappointed yet.

  Have you visited some of the other supporting projects? Share the links of what you like from the hosting sites. Many will Thank You for passing the links on!

" You are Making the Difference "
dedicated to raising public awareness  *  improving the quality of life for families
already living with Polycystic Kidney Disease  *  exploring new hi-tech methods to end PKD
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the one that kicked it all off

my passion

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cancer cures & HEMP BIO-FUELS, no brainier

More important than Gold, or gas is food.  

Prepare for the Worst, & Pray for the Best!
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