During the 2nd session of the 109th Congress, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution declaring September 10 through September16, 2006 as National Polycystic Kidney Disease Awareness Week, to raise awareness and understanding of Polycystic kidney disease and to further understand of the impact this disease has on patients and future generations of their families.
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    The "COLORADO ROCKIES"  baseball organization, in a pre game ceremony  acknowledged the efforts of End PKD Inc. while at the same time helping raise awareness of, Polycystic Kidney Disease with viewers around the world. The Colorado Rockies were in a match with the San Francisco Giants
(in which Barry Bonds hit #762, his last HR to date).
   Congratulations  to the Colorado Rockies for season to remember, winning the "National League Championship" bring the Worlds Series to Colorado for the first time. Press release, sent to the 48 dialysis centers in Colorado.
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4-19-2007        PKD Awareness Week in Colorado...
    On June 7, 2007 the Colorado Legislature passed, Senate Joint Resolution
        07-041 acknowledging, September 9  thru September 16, 2007 as
        "National Polycystic Kidney Disease Awareness Week in Colorado".
  Sponsor; State Senate Bob Bacon, Co Sponsor; House Rep. (51) Don Marostica
        with William Thorne of End PKD inc. brought the light of PKD to the
              State of Colorado. The only state to acknowledge the above,
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8-05-2007        The Colorado Rockies acknowledge...
6-10-2006        U.S. Senate passes Resolution 564...
9-10-2007          The Reporter Herald interviews...
  An in depth interview with William Thorne, founder of End PKD Inc. on why he feels so passionate about raising PKD awareness and his hopes for the future. Mr. Thorne's positive attitude about finally getting control over Polycystic Kidney Disease is contagious. To read the article. 
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  No one in the MEDIA, wants to cover this disease in the same manor that other non-life threatening diseases are covered.                               

  If your with the, "Media" you have a moral and civic responsibility to cover real hard news. WE do enjoy yours stories about, Balloon Boy, who is being unfaithful to there spouses, and lets not forget about all of our sports HERO'S and what they are up to. The genius and ALL the ingenuity with the qualities that made this Country Great are still present.

  We as a nation only have two years left, before America is flushed down the toilet. We as citizens carry much of the blame by our own complacency, but our media who has be bought and sold for by big business also carries blame or responsibility. I know the globalist promise to take care of you. They will definitely take care of you, in the same way they are looking out for us. WAKE UP!
Do you LOVE your children and grandchildren?

  WE are at a crossroads as a society, set aside the petty differences. Learn the difference between politicians and Statesmen. Technically when you vote, you are in rebellion with the government and are an enemy of the state. (14th. Amendment)   10/28/09
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