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Medical protocol remains the
same if your 50 years old!

  It has come to the attention of End PKD Inc. that if you are a "Baby Boomer", 50 years old, or older that the medical protocol for the treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease will not change, for the next ten years. There is a good chance that it will stay the same until you are 64 years old.

     National Institute of Heath, currently sponsors 63 clinical trails which around 25 are actively being recruited.  3 trials are completed, 5 more trials are, Active, not recruiting status. 3 are not yet recruiting for.

  Now out of the 25 Clinical Trials that are being recruited for, 10 of the trails, the treatments (TX) are drug therapies, 6 have no interventions, 1 Diet, High or Low Sodium, 1 is a Procedure (VSPL)..2 behavioral studies.


See how the 24 millions dollars for research is being spent at National Institute of Health.

  While your at the N.I.H. link for the fun of it search, "Dialysis". The above does not reflect funds spent on the 1292 dialysis studies at N.I.H.. Fully capable research doctors at N.I.H. and around the world are waiting on their political leaders to recognize new emerging disciplines in the Bio Medical field. As rust never sleeps, independent researchers understand these options that, "We the People," will have soon. Follow the money,
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Hepatitis B (life style choice)

Hepatitus C (life style choice)

Liver Cirrhosis (live style choice)

Hepatocellular Carcinoma (life style choice)

Polycystic Kidney Disease (genetically passed)

    Intervention: None,  just building a data base! What about Hepatitus D,E,F, & G?

  The human condition requires more assistance and support then realistically one site or non-profit can provide. The PKD Foundation needs the support from anyone who understands the importance and value of patient confidentiality. Now, is the time to get involved.  

  As far as a pharmaceuticals, the truth of the matter is that Tolvaptan, currently seems to hold the most promise. It has show encouraging results in lab rodents. The phase 11 clinical study for this drug will take the next year to recruit for globally, and will effect 1500 people. 50% of these folks will receive a placebo for the entire three years of the study. No guarantees

  If all goes as planned, four years from now these researchers will take two additional years to go through all the data too come up with some results and or conclusions. This study is for people 18 to 50 years old.

        If you are older than 50 years old, everything continues as usual.
                  The boomers are use to taking it on the chin!

  There is fruitful research going on in disciplines different from medications. Pharmaceuticals that will not be available to the masses for over ten years, to manage this disease. Maybe! We don't need to put all of our eggs in one basket anymore.

  Now is the time for the decision makers to rethink and examine the merits of their choices  they make in regards, to all those who suffer from Polycystic Kidney Disease!

  End PKD Inc. will now start to present other options being explored, practiced, and available to a select few.  Ask your doctors if the methods presented here, could be methods of treatment (TX) in the next tens years for Polycystc Kidney Disease.

  It is our sincere belief that the future treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) will be reduced down to collecting adult DNA (genes), from the host correcting the defective genes then growing a kidney in weeks, ready to be then transplanted back into the host.
     Eliminating the need for donors and making a dialysis machines obsolete !
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