The membership drive has started. I encourage anyone suffering from kidney disease, or PKD to become a member and get involved. As we mentioned before, if you have PKD, your membership is FREE. ( This is a true charity, Private Donations are needed to continue. (WE take zero tax money) What Makes US Different  

  This organization will continue to; 1. raise public awareness about PKD,  2. recognize the victims and families affected by PKD, and 3. explore, new Hi-Tech Medical options to end this.

  This site is being updated on a regular basis. Get involved and check in every few days. Currently, End PKD Inc. has been recognized by the United States Treasurer (I.R.S.). Accountants have established, End PKD Inc. in the State of Colorado. It is our intention to cross this Great Country this year. 

  Remember, if you have the opportunity to ask decision makers if they have ever heard of,  "Polycystic Kidney Disease" 90% of the time, NO will be the answer. Be patient show them this site, people need to hear something an average of 50 times before they are willing to check something out or look into something that they are not familiar with. . . This is a part of what we need to over come.

  We should not have to compete with the "central bank, law makers, media, and the medical community" for some awareness, compassion, and options. Too, the corporate attorneys who hang in the shadows watching; who is displaying predatorial behavior?

                     EXPECT MORE !    
                         Don't Carry All the Weight
William B. Thorne
End PKD Inc.

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dedicated to raising public awareness  *  improving the quality of life for families
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